Dear Baby Peanut… A Letter from your Mama

15 Mar

Dear Sweet Little Peanut,

I’ve been planning to write this letter for some time now, but have been putting it off because there is so much I want to tell you and I’m afraid I won’t be able to put it in to words correctly.  It’s been 8+ months since you’ve been growing in my belly and this journey has been amazing so far.  You started off as just a tiny little thing {supposedly the size of a poppy seed} and have grown into a big, chubby butternut squash!  It’s amazing how far you’ve come… and I refuse to take any of the credit for it, you’re doing it all by yourself!  They say that you’ve had your eyes and hair color all picked out since the poppy seed days.  Did you really have it all figured out that early on?  If so, you’re much more confident than your Mama, the one who takes forever to make every little decision she makes.

We’ve been doing everything that we can to give you the perfect little playpen to grow in over the past 8 months.  Between your Dad and I, we’ve got most of the bases covered I think.  Daddy likes to wake me up in the middle of the night to make sure I’m not sleeping on my back because we know that you like it the best when I’m laying on my left side.  Sometimes he even pokes me, in the middle of the night when I’m already laying on my side, just to make sure.  He has the list of fish mercury levels easily accessible on his phone so that we can always be sure that you aren’t getting anything nasty… just the most nutritious stuff we can find.  I did a lot of yoga and pilates for the first 6+ months, and you seemed to really like it too!  Lately though, I’ve been extra sleepy and spend more time relaxing on the couch {which you also seem to really enjoy}.  That’s actually probably my most favorite part of the day… Daddy and I relax on the couch and he gets to feel you kicking and butt-bumping all over the place.  You’ve been SO active in there and we just love to feel you move and imagine your little chubby body all squished in there.  I think you’ve got the hiccups right now as I type this letter. I hope it’s not too tight and that you love being in there as much as we love feeling you move.  It won’t be long before you’re cuddled up in our arms. We’re probably going to stare at you. Like a lot. Hope you don’t mind!

Daddy came up with this awesome song a few weeks ago that we sing to you when ever we can.  It typically goes something like this: “Hey baby, what’s your toes like?  Hey Mama, they is realll tiny!  Hey baby, what’s your nose like? Hey Mama, its cute as a button!”.  Sometimes it goes on for quite some time… I think we’ve pretty much covered every body part at this point.  We’re also big fans of turning on some Pandora radio while we make dinner and proceeding to dance around the rooms of our little house… just the 3 of us.   We haven’t really noticed that you respond to the sound of music yet, but music has always been a big part of our lives, and we know you’ll love it too.  Dance parties are a MUST in this house. Daddy even bought you some Rockabye Baby CDs so that Bob Marley, Led Zepplin and The Eagles can help you relax and fall asleep sometimes. I’m telling you… this guy thinks of everything.

Your room is all ready for your arrival and I can’t help put do a double take every time I walk by it.  I imagine your tiny little body, all swaddled up, and lying in that huge crib.  You’re going to be SO SMALL the first time we put you in there.  Don’t be scared though… your bed will be super comfy, and if you hate it {which I know you won’t}, you can sleep in my arms as much as you would like.  I imagine the sounds that will come from that room too… little tiny coos when you wake up and are happily exploring your surroundings, loud cries when you are hungry and miss your mom and dad, and some day, big laughs when you watch your Daddy dance around and make funny faces (or when you have a blow out and we’re frantically running around with our noses plugged).   I imagine the way you’ll smell and how soft your brand new skin will feel.  I can’t wait to hold you for the first time and meet you, the little blessing that has taken almost 9 months to perfect.  We just know that you’ll be perfect… because you’re made from equal parts of both of us, mixed with an infinite amount of unconditional love.  Besides each other, you truly are the best thing to ever happen to us.

We hope that you’ll be patient, as we’re going to be new to this too.  We know that we’ll mess up a lot and we may even let you get poop in your hair sometimes.  Sorry!  We’ll be trying our best and working out the kinks as we go.  Despite the ups and downs though, we promise to laugh through it all.  Ever since the first day that me and your Dad met, we’ve been laughing.  I think that if there was one thing that I could say I’ve learned whole-heartily from your Dad, its that laughter can cure anything.  He’s probably the funniest guy you’ll ever meet and with that comes his huge and beautiful smiles (and squinty eyes when he’s laughing REALLY hard). That is what we want you to always remember… laughing and smiling are wonderful and contagious and they will always be in abundance in our home.  Even when things get tough, and we’ll have to cry sometimes, but as soon as we’re done crying, we’ll make each other laugh some more.  There is way too much good in this world to let it slip by, so we promise to you, that we’ll guide you through life with more laughs and smiles than you can handle.

I worry sometimes about the world that you’ll grow up in.  I can promise that we’ll always keep you safe but it seems like so much has changed just since I was a little kid.  It’s not as easy now to run around the neighborhood exploring, or to jump in a friend’s car to go grab a quick ice cream cone.  Always remember that we love you so much and we’ll do everything we can to protect you and keep you safe.  We hope to teach you what it means to feel loved and cherished, so that you’ll pass that on to your friends, significant other, and family someday too.  Loving others and being kind is the most important thing in this world.  We hope that you’ll realize how good it feels to be treated nicely, and always extend that to others as well. We’ll teach you what it means to respect yourself and everyone around you. I’m sure there will come a point where you’ll have questions someday about someone who is different than you, and we’ll be honest and try to explain why everyone’s life is different.  I want to teach you to respect your own self too.  Whether you are a girl or a boy, just remember that you were made exactly as you were meant to be.

Your Daddy and I have put trust in God through this entire pregnancy that you would arrive here healthy and happy.  We couldn’t be more excited about this journey and we hope that someday you’ll realize the importance of this lesson as well: trust in God and always be thankful for the hand you’ve been dealt.  Put trust in God that he’ll make all of your dreams come true and create greatness in your life. If you do your part, He’ll do His.

You’re destined for greatness little one, and we can’t wait to be a part of your world.  In a few short weeks {or days}, the universe will change forever, and you’ll have your spot inside it.  I wish for you all the happiness, love, and fulfillment that your life can hold. That you chase your dreams and wishes with excitement, vigor, and with your best efforts.  I will always be so proud of you.  Use those precious little hands that I can’t wait to hold for the first time, to reach for the stars.  I will always do my best to hold you up toward them.

I love you always and forever,


36 Weeks!


From the beginning to the end (or close to the end)

1 Mar

It’s taking way too long to come up with a catchy way of starting this since it’s my first time…..well, I just puked that out, and now I’m typing.  This is easier than I thought.  Type.  Type. Type.  I’ve been keeping track of some of the things we’ve done while Katie has been pregnant, and figured this would be a great place to put it.  Kate has done an awesome job on this blog so far and even though I see her everyday, I love reading all of her entries!  So here is my version of how things have gone since we found out we are going to be parents….

June 25, 2011 – Amazing wife. Amazing wedding. Amazing family. Amazing friends.  So far, the best day of my life.

June 27 – July 9, 2011 – Absolute blast on our honeymoon in St. Lucia.  Could write so much about it, but rather than focusing on the beaches, parties, zip-lining, and insects, the focus here is on our souveneir.

July 16, 2011 – The day started early with golf at Butler GC with some of my buddies, and we had plans to goto cousin Jerry’s 30th surprise party at Penn Brewery on the North Shore that evening.  Of course I got home from golf and was tired from all that winning and didn’t feel like going out, but I knew Katie really wanted to go (I was excited to go drink some good beers with FO, the Moore’s, and the Moschetta’s though).  Mary threw a great suprise party, and 1 thing to note……new Mrs. Baucco only drank ginger ale and was not too sly about it 🙂

July 23, 2011 – At some point during the week, Katie took a pregnancy test because she “had a feeling”, but it came back negative to our dismay.  Balls.  We were both pretty excited.  Anyway, my friend Jeanette from KPMG was getting married in Allentown, PA on Saturday, so we packed our jive and hitched a ride with our friends Mike and Nici Sweeney.  The roadtrip was a great time, the wedding was beautiful, and the reception was a blast.  So much fun that I drank.  So much fun that Katie drank.  Alcohol that is.  We spent a lot of time leading up to the trip talking about the negative test and that it would be cool for Kate to drink at the reception, so she had 1 or 6 Jack and Gingers and we danced the night away. 

July 25, 2011 – Dinner at the OG with FO, Sharon, and the Moore’s.  Madi was stinking cute like usual, and Katie Marie spent most of dinner not feeling well, nibbling on breadsticks (which have by my account gone way downhill over the years), and drinking ginger ale (no Jack this time).  This is also the meal where BMoore got an entire glass of iced tea poured down his back.  Just want to make sure I keep this historically accurate, sorry Doc!  Now I had been bugging Katie to take another test all day, but she thought she was just coming down with something.  Cold/flu in the middle of the summer.  Maybe, maybe not.  I wanted her to take another test, dammit, but wasn’t going to push it.

July 26, 2011 – By my account we already had a box of preggo tests in the house, so my badgering Kate to take another test finally paid off.  I was installing our new cable box (since we were moving out of the Stone Age and got DVR) when Katie walked down the stairs with a big smile on her face.  She timidly (<— not a good word here, but it’s how a remember it) and very excitedly said something to the effect of “we’re gonna have a baby”.  Hugging her standing on the steps had to be one of the best feelings I’ve ever had, but I honestly didn’t know what to do.  No jumping.  No high-fives.  It was kind of surreal, so we hugged for a couple minutes, talked about how excited we were, and I went back to installing the new cable box.  Life as DINKS (dual-income-no-kids) was only 9 months long for us….if you don’t count the 8 years we were together previously.

July 27, 2011 – Now we didn’t know who to tell, what to do, blah blah blah, but we decided on one thing.  We were going to tell our families as soon as possible in ways as fun as we could think of.  We drove to Washington on Wednesday night to surprise Nona and Pap.  Katie did a good job lying to Nona on our way down.  She told her we were just getting to our house in Mt. Lebo as we walked through their kitchen door.  Nona knew something was up, and Katie blurted out she was pregnant immediately.  We stayed for dinner and spent most of the night talking gender and fun baby planning.

July 29, 2011 – The 3 of us journeyed to Cleveland for Maria’s wedding shower.  We went to Noni’s house on Friday night and gave her a card thanking her for everything she did for us for our wedding.  The card was signed, “Love, Danny, Katie, and Baby B”.  She was so happy for us, but no discussions about boy or girl, she claims she knew baby was a boy.  We’ll see how much she really knows in a few months!  We shared tons of honeymoon pictures over dinner and had a fun night.  On to Nic and Maria’s…

July 30, 2011 – The shower started around noon for the girls at StoneWater GC.  Boring, I know.  The guys teed off on the golf course at 10.  3 foursomes of average (at best) golfers on a private course.  Not good.  We had a blast playing, (let the record show I shot a 91 with a 42 on the back) and became the talk of the course by the 10th hole as we slowed the entire course down to a snails pace.  12 guys hitting balls at houses and each other doesn’t always go over well.  Maria’s bachelorette party was that night and I’m sure Katie can fill in the details, but it’s safe to say all the guys and all the girls had a great day.  Howevvvvvvvver, we still hadn’t told Nic and Maria our secret…..

July 31, 2011 – Nic, Maria, and I all woke up Sunday morning feeling like absolute crap.  Katie, on the other hand woke up feeling great!  Throughout the morning, some of the girls from the party the night before came over and were talking about how much fun Kate was and how she was up dancing and screaming all night.  And how drunk she was!  Little did they know….they were drunk, she was sober and fun 🙂  Nic and Maria were getting dressed to go to breakfast and I quick threw a bag of Orlando’s buns into their oven.  I told Maria there was a surprise hidden in their kitchen which then took quite a bit of time to find.  She finally opened the oven and pulled out the buns clearly not understanding our joke.  Her first reaction was, “oven buns?  buns in the oven?  OHMYGOSH!”.  Nic was not so quick to pick it up though.  He went right for the oven, but had no clue.  After a few perplexed guesses, he blurted out, “Maria’s pregant?!”  Fail.  Thanks for playing though.  It was a fun morning followed by breakfast at Dino’s where unfortunately I didn’t eat anything, but rather sat in the parking, half hanging out the driver side door, barfing my brains out.  Now I’m sure this will be frowned upon, but I want to make sure that this timeline is as accurate as possible.  We met Grandpa, Gigi, Aunt Meg, and Uncle Matt for lunch at the Willoughby Brewing Company that afternoon and surprised them all with thank you cards from the new family.  Aunt Meg flipped out and was soooo excited while Uncle Matt was still trying to process exactly what the card said.  Again, everyone was so excited for us and we couldn’t be happier to share our news with our family.

August 6, 2011 – We spent the evening at a picnic for Kip Peter’s 30th birthday with FO, Sharon, the Moore’s, and a bunch of nice peeps from WashPA.  The Doc and I had a nice run on the beer pong table, and Preggo McGee enjoyed some BBQ and a Sprite.  Carbonation was definitely helping out with her nausea since she seemed to be feeling morning sickness all day.

August 13, 2011 – Uncle Hoss, Uncle Brian, and I spent the day Bachelor Partying Uncle Hoss in preparation of his upcoming wedding to Auntie J on Sept. 2.  I am legally not allowed to divulge all details of this day, but I can say that we spent a good amount of time eating ribs, wings, fries, and beers at DJ’s in Weirton, and then we moved on to Identity Fest at Star Lake.  Disco Biscuits headlined and we got down with the flow listening to some rave music and playing ladder ball.  Katie and Auntie J agreed to come pick us up from the concert since they’re sweet like that.

August 18, 2011 – Our first OB appointment!  Katie made this appointment a few weeks back and we had been counting down the days until we went to the doc and they “made it official”.  False.  Nice try though, suckers.  They didn’t make anything official, and basically said, “Did you take a test?  Ya, ok.  Did it come back positive?  Ya, ok.  Whelp, you’re pregnant.”  We did ask a bunch of questions and got to know Dr. Avacoda (or Alvarado depending on who you’re asking) and were excited to make our next appointment.

August 19, 2011– Auntie J and Uncle Hoss came to Pitt to celebrate Auntie J’s 28th bday and her wedding shower on Saturday.  Friday night was pretty chill and we all hung out and talked about the baby growing in Kate’s belly.  If memory serves me, I believe Hoss, BMoore, and me played crush ball in the driveway at Flip’s for a while.  Don’t ask because it didn’t end well.

August 20, 2011– I have absolutely no idea what happened at Jenny’s shower/bachelorette party other than mad strippers at our house!!  FO, BMoore, Hoss and I went to the Pirates game and then down to WashPA to get out of that scene.  From what I hear, all the girls had a blast.

August 22, 2011– I had a fantasy football draft at 9pm.  Nothing really baby related here, but I crushed the draft.

August 31, 2011– What a rollercoaster day.  I got to work around 7 and had a 2-hour meeting that started at 8.  I was walking to the printer around 7:30 and felt my phone start buzzing in my pocket.  I figured it was a text message, but as I looked at my phone I saw it was Katie calling me.  I knew something was up because she usually doesn’t even get up for work until 7:30ish (snooze button 5 times….).  As I answered she was crying so hysterically that I coulnd’t understand what she was saying at all.  Finally she calmed down enough to tell me she was bleeding and didn’t know what to do.  I ran back to my office, packed my bag, told  a co-worker I was out and would be in touch, and then ran to the train.  I probably said 9,000 prayers on the way home.  The train stopped at Mt. Lebo and I ran all the way home and hugged Kate tight as soon as I walked in the door.  We talked about a lot of different stuff, but decided to stay positive until we knew exactly what was going on.  We had a 10am appointment with the OB.  Dr. Stern saw us that morning and said that things felt fine to him, but it was probably just some old ______  and ______ and maybe ________ (removed due to graphic nature).  He wrote us a prescription for an ultrasound and we made an appointment for 2pm that day.  We went and got lunch at Aladdin’s and talked about every “what-if” you could think of, and guessed at what we may/may not see on the ultrasound.  2:00 took forever to come around!  We got to the ultrasound and went right into the room.  Kate slowly got onto the table and the nurse lathered her up with some goo nice and good.  As soon as the little radar thing hit her belly you could see this little peanut shaped object with a tiny spot in the middle that was moving really fast (which made it very blurry).  The technician said, “There’s your baby’s heart beat.”  Better words have never been spoken.  Katie was crying tears of joy.  I was so happy.  All the struggles of the day melted away.  That was our baby.  Healthy.  Strong.  Happy.  All the measurements were normal and after Kate hugged the tech, we were on our way.  Parents without a care in the world other than our new family.

September 1, 2011 – Jenny and Hoss’ wedding weekend extravaganza is now upon us.  Thursday night Hoss’ family flew in and we had spaghetti and meatballs (Hoss’ request) and FO and Sharon’s followed by ladder ball and other fun outside.  Flip, Katie and I spent a while setting up the chairs, tables, and decorations outside and were really excited for Jen and Chris.  Kate was feeling pretty good, but still quesy since she was only about 8 weeks preggo at this point.  We didn’t tell any of our extended family our secret, and it was especially hard this weekend since they were all in town.  After a small ceremony on Friday night, we all went to the Grand Concourse in Station Square for the reception.  The food was fantastic and we had a great time with the bride and groom and their families.  As the night ended, Brian and Summer and the Baucco’s went back to the honeymoon sweet to keep partying with the newlyweds.  We had a few drinks and congratulated them again before calling it a night.  Saturday was a huge BBQ at Flip and Sharon’s to celebrate the wedding with all of the family.  It was seriously about 90 degrees that labor day weekend.  The party was great and we spent a ton of time laughing and catching up with the family.

 September 12, 2011– We had our second doctor appointment and this was the first time that we got to hear the Baby Peanut’s heartbeat.  Only a couple short weeks ago, I saw one of the best sights ever on the ultrasound screen, and today I heard one of the best sounds a person will ever hear.  That heartbeat was so fast and so strong.  I was surprised that it had such a wooooshing sound and didn’t exactly sound like the normal thump thump thump I normally associated with a heartbeat.  Either way, I was on top of the world when we left this appointment.  Katie was feeling great and nearing the end of the first trimester.  For a couple weeks now we had been comparing the baby to fruits and veggies based on what a website was telling us….it was pretty crazy to know there was now an orange in Kate’s belly.

September 23, 2011 – this weekend was Uncle Nic’s bachelor party.  Details, again, cannot be released, but it was an awesome time at a cabin in the middle of the woods.  Lots of cornhole, crush ball, frisbee, football, basketball, and other “games”.

October 6-8, 2011 – Uncle Nic and Aunt Maria’s wedding weekend is now upon us.  Katie and I had 9 weddings during the spring/summer/fall of 2011.  Crazy, I know, but we’re pretty much done now.  We arrived in Cleveland Thursday night and stayed at Nic and Maria’s house helping tie up any loose ends and talking about their upcoming honeymoon to Italy.  Friday all the guys golfed at Manakiki while the girls got their nails did, what what.  After the rehearsal we went to Mario Fazio’s for dinner.  The food and company were outstanding.  We had such a good time and Preggo Katie looked amazing all weekend.  I’m honored Nic and Maria asked me to be a part of their big day, and it’s something I’ll always remember.  The ceremony and reception flew by.  I honestly don’t think Katie and I left the dance floor for more than 10 minutes all night, other than to go to the photobooth.  Awesome night to cap off an awesome weekend.

October 11, 2011 – Our third doctor appointment!  I can get used to this heartbeat thing!!  It is so fulfilling and amazing to hear the fast little heartbeat on the doppler.  We asked some more questions and were now almost 15 weeks in….out of the first trimester and schelued our 20 week ultrasound for November 19!

October 14-16, 2011 – Uncle Paul, Aunt Rachel, Jake, and Madison came to visit us for the weekend.  We went to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium (my first trip there) and had a really fun weekend. 

October 28-30, 2011 – The Baucco’s, Moore’s, and Flip and Sharon took a trip to Cincy to see Hoss and Jen this weekend.  We went to the farmers market, got some banging good Pho (fo sho), watched the Cards win the World Series, the Buckeyes beat Wisconsin on a last second Hail Mary, and Madi dressed up in her blub-blub costume for breakfast on Sunday.

October 31, 2011 – Katie and I went to WashPA to see Madi Ann dressed up for Halloween.  She was cute like always and was rubbing Auntie Kate’s belly 🙂

November 8, 2011 – Our fourth doctor appointment was much like the last.  Katie progressed very well, weight gain on track, heartbeat was perfect, and she felt pretty good.  All in all, it was a good appointment, but we both had something else on our minds……Nov 19 ultrasound!!  We had spent a good bit of time discussing who we wanted with us in the room for the ultrasound, and were really stressing about it.  We didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but this was something we really wanted to experience just the 2 of us.  We decided to invite Nona, Pap, and Noni to join us in the exam room after the procedure was complete so we still had some time for the 2 of us to take it all in.  We thought it was a good plan, but still felt guilty for not inviting all of our brothers and sisters to come as well.

November 12, 2011 – Katie’s friends Mike and Mary got married at Heinz Chapel and then we traveled to the Pittsburgh Aquarium for the reception.  Preggo Kate was really excited to hang out with her girlfriends and we all had a really good time.  Pretty sure Katie’s favorite part of the night was the Pittsburgh food bar, a.k.a. kielbasa and sauerkraut!  At this point, I was basically counting down the hours until next Saturday.  Just 5 days of work to get through until seeing our Peanut at the ultrasound.

November 19, 2011 – After all the stressing out about who should come, it was honestly the last thought on my mind this morning when I woke up.  My mom drove in from Cleveland and Flip and Sharon met us at the OB office.  We all hung out in the empty waiting room for about 15 minutes just talking, but needless to say, my mind was pretty much elsewhere.  The tech FINALLY called us, and I think Kate and I probably both jumped up and ran into the room.  Katie got up on the bed and the tech lubed up her bump, then BAM!, Peanut’s head was up on the big screen.  Seeing that little person was craaaaazy.  The tech was awesome and told us every single measurement she was taking and pointed out every single detail on the screen….except for one.  We decided not to find out the gender, well….once we found out we were pregnant I wanted to know (and Katie was fine with that), then a couple weeks later I didn’t want to know (and Katie was fine with that), then I’m pretty sure I flip-flopped another time somewhere before the ultrasound (and Katie was fine with that), but come ultrasound day, we weren’t finding out (and Katie was fine with that….ya, she’s cool like that!).  About 5 minutes into the procedure, I asked the tech if she knew the gender, and without hesitation she said, “Ohhh yea!”.  Now this really piqued my interest.  Katie got up to use the bathroom at one point and I knew that was my chance to work the tech into telling me the gender.  Kate walked out, I opened my mouth to ask her, but nothing came out.  Maybe this was how it’s supposed to be I thought.  The only reason I didn’t actually ask is because I pictured Katie in the delivery room being mad because I knew and she didn’t (obviously if I had asked the tech I couldn’t have told anyone).  Either way, I think it will be more exciting to hear the doctor say, “IT’S A _____!”  So back to the ultrasound, everything measured perfect, the delivery date was intact at April 8, 2012 (Easter Sunday and Kate’s 30th bday), and part of our family got to come in and see the baby on the big screen.  After the appointment we all went back to our house and met up with the Meg and Matt (who drove in from Cleveland too) and the Moore’s.  We must have watched the DVD of the ultrasound 8 times before going to lunch with everyone.  The day was all I had hoped for and more.

November 23, 2011 – BMoore’s birthday fell the day before Thanksgiving, so since Katie and I were going to WashPA for turkey day anyway, we went down Thursday night to celebrate the Doc’s bday.  A few drinks, birthday shots, and laughs later, it was Thanksgiving.

November 24, 2011 – Gobble til you wobble.  Thanksgiving was in Pittsburgh this year since whoever gets Thanksgiving also gets Christmas day (xmas eve is the big celebration for both of our families).  Sharon had to work at 2 on Thanksgiving, so we all got up early and pitched in to have dinner ready by noon or so.  The meal was delicious and we ate leftovers throughout the day.  Unfortunately I had to work on Friday, so I went home that evening, but Katie stayed in WashPA Thursday night too so she could go Black Friday shopping with her mom and Betsy.  Editor’s note:  Preggo women love pies.  All of them.  No really, any pie.

December 2, 2011 – The annual Baucco/Delbrocco family sleepover always falls on the first full weekend in December, so we headed to Cleveland for the festivities.  Now this is usually a raucus event at in hotel meeting room where basically 60-100 family members descend and destroy a hotel.  There are kids running around everywhere, food all over the place, homemade wine, plenty beer to go around, and many many games being played.  This year was a little different though seeing as Katie was preggo.  Although we stayed until about 2:30am, neither of us drank or jumped into any card games.  We spent most of the night catching up with everyone and talking about Baby Peanut. 

December 5, 2011 – Before bed we put our shoes out underneath the Christmas tree since St. Nick was coming that night.

December 6, 2011 – St. Nick brought gifts for Katie and me, and Baby Baucco got some Penn State onesies and a pair of tiny little Penn State booties.  Future Nittany Lion?  Maybe.  Future trips to PSU with our Peanut just for fun?  Definitely. 

December 13, 2011 – Tonight at 6:30 was our first ever parenting class.  Now of course, neither of us are seasoned veterans and this baby jive, but neither of us are rookies either so we decided to take a class that we affectionately referred to in the weeks leading up to it:  “How Not to Kill Your Baby”.  The class was pretty good, and while there wasn’t a lot of stuff we hadn’t heard before, it was reassuring to get some clarification on things and know that our heads were on straight.  One weird thing did happen at class though…..when you walked in the door, you picked up a baby doll and took your seat.  Pretty unassuming, I know.  The room was divied in half with an aisle down the middle (picture a Church, but with folding chairs instead of pews) and there were 22 couples in class.  We sat right on the “aisle” and waited for class to start.  The teacher kicked things off with an ice breaker (dammit, I hate these things) going around the room and asking names, due dates, and gender of baby-to-be.  Reluctantly everyone spills their story and we come to find out that completely randomly all the parents having girls sat on the left of the aisle and the parents having boys sat on the right side……and then us.  The only couple that didn’t find out.  The only couple sitting right on the aisle.  The left side of the aisle that is.  Baby Girl come on down!!

December 22, 2011 – The past few weeks were pretty hectic getting ready for the holidays.  We travel quite a bit (not far, just a lot) over Christmas, so there’s a lot we needed to get done leading up to it.  Mainly buying xmas gifts for Katie since she always seems to buy the “perfect” gift.  We headed back to Cleveland Thursday night and hung out with Nic and Maria talking about babies and other fun stuff.

December 23, 2011 – Katie spent the morning with Great Grandma Jean, Aunt Donna, Aunt Diane and a few others preparing the fish for xmas eve dinner (no meat on xmas eve with my family, and we try to do the 7 fishes tradition).  So Katie and the girls made the smetlz and sewed (yes, needle and thread) the stuffed calamari closed.  After I dropped Kate off, I ran to finish some shopping, grab a shower, and then picked her back up and taste tested pretty much everything.  That afternoon/evening we went bowling on the west side with the DeGrandis clan.  The Malloy’s, Garris’, Kelbly’s, Uncle David and mom were all there and we bowled a few games before going back to Uncle David’s for dinner and more games.  I will say (historical accuracy prevails again) that Katie beat me at our second game of bowling ONLY because of a lane technicality, bowlers elbow, and the sun shining in my eyes when I threw.  We played Catch Phrase after dinner and on top of 16 people playing, there were also 16 people screaming.  Topping the night had to be Aunt Ruthie’s clue of, “I’m full of this….”; Katie shouts, “GAS”, followed by me screaming, “BULLSH*T”.  Good times with good family.

December 24, 2011 – We woke up early and headed to Noni’s house for an early lunch to get the day started.  Meg and Matt met us there and we all exchanged presents before lunch.  Katie hooked me up with a bunch of sweet stuff including a much needed pair of new winter boots, and I got her a MacBook so she can make sweet collages and other creative stuff for Baby B.  Mom made zupe de pesce for lunch and we hung out until mass at St. Clare at 4:00.  After church we went to Aunt Donna and Uncle Rich’s house for Baucco family xmas eve.  This is a night I look forward to all year because of the food, family, and general craziness that always ensues.  It didn’t disappoint this year, and Katie was sporting a nice baby bump that everyone commented on which made it even more fun.  After the party we went back to Nic and Maria’s for some champage, dancing, and xmas music as we celebrated the holiday.  Now the “after party” this year was much tamer than many many of the past years, but rightfully so as we’re all growing up, or at least telling people we’re grown ups.  Kate and I had spent so much time talking about how once we get through the holidays it’s only 3 short months until the Peanut arrives, and now, WE’RE ALMOST THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS!!!  It didn’t really sink in like I thought it would until a couple months later, but we were still at our milestone of “now time will start to fly” (as if it wasn’t already!).

December 25, 2011 – We spent xmas even night at Noni’s house and woke up around 6:30am because we had to hit the road back to Pittsburgh.  We ate a quick but delicious breakfast, packed the car, and were on the road again.  Sharon had to work xmas day too (eff you hospital that needs an awesome nurse to work both major holidays!), so we wanted to get to WashPA before she left for work around 1:30 and the Moore’s headed to WV to see BMoore’s family around the same time.  We got to Washington and hung out with everyone, opened more presents, and then started making sauce and meatballs for dinner.  Beaner and Summer came over to celebrate, eat, and play cards all night with us too.  We all stayed at Flip and Sharon’s house that night because the next day was Madi’s 2nd bday party.’

December 26, 2011 -Elmo was the wingman to the bday girl at her 2nd bday party, and he was everywhere.  Auntie Kate and I got Madi a sweet arts and crafts set and some awesome sticker books that she could use to decorate the house 🙂 The party was a lot of fun, and I love seeing my Goddaughter running around so happy!

December 31, 2011 – After another short work week, we headed back to Cleveland for our annual NYE tradition:  celebrating with all our friends at one of their houses with tons of food, music, drinks, and good times.  This year we were at Nic and Maria’s house and somehow most of the girls were knocked up for NYE.  Brian and Summer came with us this year and we had a blast ringing in the new year with all of our friends and family.

January 1, 2012 – NYE was pretty rough on me again this year (of course my motivation was it’s the last NYE before I’m a dad), but we woke up early to get to Dad and Julia’s house for our “xmas on new year’s day” tradition with them.  We exchanged presents (again, I know) and ate a great dinner followed by watching the Browns almost eek out a win over the much hated Steelers. 

January 3, 2012 – These appointments were coming so fast now.  Even though they were 4 weeks apart, I seriously felt like we were at the doc every other week.  I loved it.  I remember leaving the OB office each time lookin at my calendar to see what we had happening between then and the next visit, trying to make the time go by faster so I could just hear the Peanut’s heartbeat again.  This appointment wasn’t any different.  Katie was in her 27th week and looked amazing.  Everything measured right on track, yet again, and the OB said everything was great.  Such a great feeling!  Another great feeling was booking the next appointment 4 weeks out which happened to still be in January.  I know it’s dumb, but it’s the mind game I needed to get me through the next month at work (year end close sucks balls.  Fact.).

January 10, 2012 – Capping off our remodel of the bathroom, we got the tub refinished so we’d have a nice, clean, white spot to give Baby Baucco baths.  Can’t thank Flip enough for the remodel and putting up with all the plumbing issues in our 85 year old house!

January 27, 2012 – From remodeling our bathroom, we moved right into renovating the Peanut’s room.  Not nearly as gruesome a project as the bathroom, but we still repainted all the walls, put up crown molding, and re-carpeted the room.  I say “we”, but I really mean “Flip” with me as acting laborer/apprentice on the job.  Baby B’s room looks amazing as the carpet got installed today.  Flip also offered to make a book shelf for the room, so we’re excited to see what he comes up with.

January 28, 2012 – Hoss and Jenny came to Pitt for the weekend to celebrate Hoss and FO’s bdays, but first Katie and I had lamaze class all day (yes, ALLLLLLL day) Saturday.  For as much as I thought it was going to be a dumb class about breathing techniques and there was no way they could get 16 hours of material (ya that’s right, 2 Saturdays for 8 hours) about breathing, it was a really really really good class with a great instructor.  The class really helped Katie and me (for what my 2 cents are worth on the subject) shape our birthplan; Kate is amazing though and really took my input to heart in making the birthplan even though she’s going to be the one pooping out a slippery, screaming, coneheaded watermelon.  Anyway, after class we stayed downtown and met the rest of the family at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for the bday dinner.  The food was great and the preggo lady had no problems polishing off a petit filet, some broccoli, and pieces and parts of a few desserts.  Hey, she’s eating for 2!  DON’T JUDGE ME MONKEY!

January 31, 2012 – Baby B’s furniture got delivered today!  Woohoo!  Something like 10 weeks and thousands of dollars later, and our Peanut FINALLY had a room.  No more renovations or remodels, now was time to pull it all together and take care of the small stuff around the house.  Kate and I love the furniture, but she is so anxious to get some colors in the room other than gray and white.  Luckily she’s patient enough to wait until the Peanut is born, and then she can go wild with boy or girl colors.

February 1, 2012 – Kate really likes the idea of having a nanny/sitter come to the house 1 day a week so she can go back to work 2 days a week (Nona watching Baby B the other day), so we decided to try to find a student at Pitt that was interested in babysitting.  FAIL.  Tonight was the first interview with anyone from Pitt, and coincidentally the last.  She was very nice and polite, but we decided it wouldn’t be a good fit.  End.

February 4, 2012 – Lamaze.  Day 2.  A lot more stretching and rolling around on the floor this Saturday.  Again, a lot of good info and techniques until we got to the hand massaging part.  1) I didn’t want that damn lotion on my hands in the first place.  2) Katie’s hands didn’t look like they need massaging, but I was forced into it.  3) I walk up and squirt a “little” lotion in my hand.  4) About half the bottle comes out, so I turn and walk away like nothing happened.  5)  See #1 above.  6) I was pissed and figured Katie would get mad thinking I was goofing around.  7) I started massaging her hands (her eyes were closed and the room was silent and dark).  8) My idea was that I could rub it all in before anyone noticed.  9) FAIL.  10) FAIL.  11) Lotion everywhere and Katie and I were laughing uncontrollably.  12) I was wiping in on the floor, my pants, anywhere and everywhere.  She’s fun like that, and that’s why I love her!

February 11, 2012 – Today is the baby shower in Pittsburgh for all of Katie’s family.  Sharon, Jenny, and Betsy did so much work putting together a “Celebrate the Peanut” themed shower.  I only saw a little of what went on, but I heard everyone had a blast, and we got so much nice stuff from so many generous people.  Can’t say thank you enough, and it’s overwhelming to know how many people in our lives are going to love Baby B when he/she is born.

February 14, 2012 – Katie and I celebrated Valentine’s Day in one of the more fun ways I can recall us celebrating….we went to NOLA in Market Square for an early dinner and then off to the orchestra.  Not that orchestra.  Not the lame orchestra.  Trey Anastasio was headlining WITH the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.  The show was awesome.  A lot more chill and tame than your typical Phish concert (ask anyone about Phish at Blossom in June 2011), but we had an awesome time together.  Today seems like a good day to note that Katie’s belly is rounding out and she looks amazing!  Everything about her looks great and I LOVE seeing her pregnant.  She is so fluid and natural about everything, and takes any new changes or pains with a grain of salt.  I know she’s going to be such a good mama!

February 27, 2012 – Tonight is Baptism class at St. Bernard.  Nothing too fancy here, explained significance of oil, water, candle, and garments.  Bingo.  Bango.  Bongo.  Goodnight.  I’m not shortcutting because this sacrament is not important, but 12 years of Catholic school give you a pretty solid foundation in the sacraments.  On another note, we’re going to have a very hard time deciding on godparents…..a lot of great people in our lives.  I guess that’s a good problem to have though.

February 28, 2012 – Tonight is Breastfeeding class at Magee.  Some people would consider back to back nights of classes the equivalent of back to back NHL games.  I was tired, achy, sick of listening, wanted to go home, and I wasn’t even the pregnant one.  The class was good and I’m glad we went, but it was a little harder for me to get into this one than it was for me to get involved in the lamaze class.  Involved in class or not, I’ll be there to support Katie and the Peanut any way I can even if it means propping an under-boob pillow for some extra support while nursing.

Holy Babies!!

29 Feb

For REALZ….. HOLY BABIES!!  As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, we recently found out that little sister Jenny and hubby Hoss are expecting a baby in the beginning of October!!  We couldn’t be happier for them, and what a wonderful thing to share with your sister… pregnancy!  We were absolutely thrilled when the news was revealed.  Jen and Hoss had planned a weekend back in Pittsburgh so that the whole family could get together to celebrate Dad and Hoss’s birthdays.  They were going to be arriving late on a Friday night and Dan and I had Lamaze class early the next morning, so we had decided that we would just see them on Saturday at dinner.  Well, Friday was Hoss’s birthday so I ended up sending him a text about mid-way through the day to wish him a Happy Birthday.  Somewhere in our text conversation, I asked him if he had received any awesome birthday surprises.  His response was “Yes I did, and I’ll tell you all about it this weekend”.   !!!!!!  Um, Hello!!!!  Is Jenny preggers???  That was the only thing on my mind!!  I had an inkling but when I asked Hoss, he assured me that she wasn’t.   I didn’t believe him but went along with it anyway.  When I got home from work Friday night, I told the hubby about the texts and how I thought Jen had a bun-in-the-oven.  He brushed it off like I was cra-cra and mentioned that he thought we should head down to see them and that it wouldn’t be a big deal getting up early Saturday morning.  I thought that was a little weird coming from Danny, but I agreed and we set off to meet the Bests and Mom and Dad for dinner.  Little did I know that Jen had called Danny and told him to make me come down because it would “be worth our while”!  As soon as we arrived at my parents, I told them all about the text conversation and my hypothesis.  Neither of them believed it could be true, but everyone was wondering curiously {except for Danny who had already been privet to the secret information!}  Jen and Hoss arrived shortly afterwards and we bombarded them with questions, not giving them any time to reveal their secret in any sort of fun or witty way.  Sorry Hoss and J-Snazzle!!  Jen is absolutely glowing and looks totally beautiful {despite having the 1st trimester poo feelings}.  She is due in early October, which makes her about 9 weeks along at this point!

Not only is little sister J preggers, but we just found out yesterday that big sister Betsy Jean is also preggers!!  If it hasn’t all clicked yet, that means ALL 3 SISTERS ARE KNOCKED UP AT THE SAME TIME!  How fun is that??  We haven’t seen Betsy, Brian or Madi yet, but we’re thrilled of the news and can’t wait for them to bring the 4th grandbaby in to this world 🙂

3 Little Flips about 25 years before babies were growing in all of our tummies!

Best Friends Forever! So excited to be pregnant with both of you!

Our Baby Peanut is almost 35 weeks along now, which means we only have a little more than 5 weeks until our due date.  I’m still feeling really well!  My legs have been a little achy and my ribs and back hurt {especially when I overeat}, but nothing too bad… I’m feeling very blessed.

Monday night we had baptism class at St. Bernards Catholic church.  It was interesting to learn about all of the baptismal symbols and now we’re doing some extra thinking about who we will choose to be the godparents.  We’re hoping to have the baptism over the summer when Peanut is still tiny and we can celebrate with a picnic outside.  Listening to the guest speakers talk about raising a Catholic family made me feel warm and happy.  I can only hope that we’ll lead enough by example that our little kiddos won’t be quite as tempted by culture and society as the majority of people out there.  I’m proud and thankful that Danny has a strong Catholic tradition in his family, and even if our children choose not to live the Catholic faith, at least we’ll know that they were brought up in a warm and loving environment that enforced caring for others and respect.  Last night was Breastfeeding Class at Magee, the third and final class that we’ll take before Peanut arrives.  Danny was bored but I enjoyed it 🙂

Here are some recent photos!

Steelers Baby Bump! 34 weeks along

The Captain! Stretching in the living room while we watch Game of Thrones.

Danny smacking the egg for Shrove Tuesday! This marks the beginning of the 40 days of Lent... and 40 days until Peanut is due!!

The view from above at 36 weeks. The couch pillows have been my savior when I try to get comfy!

36 weeks at work. Can't wait to meet you Baby B!

Baby's room is really starting to come together! We can't wait to decorate with some color once he or she arrives, but for now, the space is warm and wonderful.

Current Obsessions:  The thought of having newborn photos taken when baby is just a week old;  Scouring Pinterest for pictures of babies dressed in silly hats and headbands and all propped up looking insanely cute;  evaluating every movement in my body to try and determine what Peanut is doing in there {LOVE}; watching Game of Thrones on HBO while cuddled up on the couch with some Macaroons and the guy pictured below.

Current Cravings:  Thin greasy pizza {like the kind that we used to eat after we got drunk, from Canyon Pizza in State College!} and chocolate milk {may need to make some from almond or soy milk in the near future  Looks like I’ll be waiting until after Lent/the baby arrives to fulfill this craving!}.

Current Worries:  Will we hurt someones feelings when we pick the Godparents; Will/won’t I poop on the table and will I have eaten a Chipotle burrito the day before; Have I read enough books; Will we choose a nanny that will love our baby as much as we do.

Ok… and I have to finish it off with some funny pics….. Thanks to the FatBooth App for providing lots of giggles in our household!


Eat that baby? What Baby? I didn't eat no baby.

Too many macawoooonnnss!! Nom Nom Nom!

Decisions Decisions!

20 Feb

Through out the past 33 weeks, I think we’ve had to make more decisions than we did in the past 5 years combined.  Not only did I have no idea that there were so many options for every aspect of having a baby, but I had no idea that it would be so difficult to make some of these choices!  Here are just a hand full of the ones that we’ve pondered, as well as the decisions we’ve made (so far) with 7 weeks left to go.  There is still time to change our minds right??

#1: To find out the baby’s gender or not?

This was a tough one for Daddy more so than Mommy.  I was pretty flexible from the start on whether or not we found out the baby’s gender.  To me it really wasn’t that important either way.  If we did find out, then I assumed I would spend a lot more time {and money} on the nursery. I would probably shop a lot more and end up with drawers full of clothing before Baby Peanut arrived.  I thought we would also choose a name a lot earlier {although we may end up keeping it a secret so there were some surprises on Baby’s birthday!}. I never really thought that I’d have some sort of extra close, super-natural connection to the baby if I knew it’s wiener status.  I assumed most of that bonding stuff would be the same either way.  I knew Daddy and I would talk and sing to Peanut or what ever its name was 🙂 So, about 2 weeks before our ultrasound {which happened at 18 weeks}, we were pretty convinced that we would be finding out the gender.  It seemed important to Danny so I just went with it.  I don’t know what happened though… about a week before the US he changed his mind! I was secretly thrilled and we can’t wait until that moment when the doctor shares the big news with us.

#2: A natural birth or something different?

This has been a tough one.  Not because we don’t know how we feel about the situation but because EVERYONE has their opinion on what would be best for us.  Don’t get me wrong here.  We really love to hear people’s stories and the advice and information that our loved ones give to us are sometimes more important than anyone else’s opinion.  We’ve struggled though with how to balance how we feel with how everyone else feels.  Luckily for us, we are both on the same page with EVERYTHING, which really is amazing. Most of that is probably just because Danny is so supportive of my wishes and knows that I’ll think each decision through very thoroughly. In the end though, listening to everyone’s advice has made it challenging to stick to our guns. We do love a good challenge though and feel like the most important thing is that this birth happens how we wish and hope for it to. So, we’re sticking to our natural birth plan, with a full and complete understanding that sometimes interventions need to happen for medical reasons.  We’ll cross those bridges when we get to them.  For now, Danny is prepared to throw some bows if anyone mentions the word “epidural” in my room!

#3: To cloth diaper or go with the disposables?

We didn’t spend too much time on this one.  As awesome as these adorable little cloth diapers are, I knew that I would be the one at home taking care of most of the household chores, and I just didn’t think that I wanted to take on this large of a commitment.  There are dozens of reasons why I wish that it could be a part of our lives, but I’m a realist and this is just something that we had to pass up.  Maybe with baby #2?

Cloth diapers are so cute!! Look at all of the fancy designs!

#4: What will we name this new little creature?

Oh man… this one has been tough too!  I think we started talking about names around month #4.  It’s a really big decision and we both had drastically different ideas on what we were looking for!  My criteria were that the baby’s name couldn’t be on the super-duper popular lists, had to have nickname options that we liked, had to be somewhat formal in its non-nickname nature, and I had hopes that it would connect to an important family member somewhere down the line.  I also really like non-traditional {hipster-esque} names, which I knew would be a hard sell to Danny.  He on the other hand, was more of a fan of traditional names. He also liked the idea of connecting it to a family member. I started a list in my phone without even mentioning it to Danny.  I thought it would be good to have a running tally of names I liked and then I could slowly introduce them to Danny {overwhelming him with options never ends well}.  To make a long story short, we think we have decided on two really strong and lovely names.  Of course, there is still time, so we’ll just have to wait and see!

Baby Boy:  Anthony Cameron

Baby Girl:  Josephina Grace

Girl options from early on... I just loved Riley Parker! Until I saw it on every personalized item in the Pottery Barn cataloge!

Boy options from early on. I loved Jackson!

#5: Who to invite in to the labor and delivery room?

This decision has probably been one of the toughest yet.  Sometimes we look at this entire process as a celebration that we want as many people as possible to be able to share in.  Other times we think about how intimate and special it is, and kind of want to keep it all to ourselves.  We knew from the beginning that if we decided to have anyone in the room with us at all, there was only one candidate: my sweet, sweet mother. It’s hard to imagine it without her. She’s been that incredibly calming factor throughout my entire life and I’ve always dreaded the day that I’ll be in pain or sick and she won’t be by my side.  It doesn’t hurt that she is a nurse too! This means that she would know all the right questions to ask as Danny and I confusedly stare at the doctor and nurses. With all that said, we also know that we have a very specific plan in our heads of how we want the entire birthing process to play out. As I mentioned before, we’ve put an incredible amount of time in to determining how we want to be treated both medically and emotionally while we are in the hospital. We want to make sure that anyone and everyone who are in the room with us are fully supportive of our vision as well. We know there will be temptations and confusing times, but we want to stay steadfast in our plans and don’t want an interaction with a loved one to make us change our course.  So, we’re still working on this one… trying to decide exactly what the best scenario will be.

#6: To breast feed or not?

Oh this one was an easy one! I knew from day 1 when I found out that I was pregnant this breast feeding was incredibly important to me.  I’ve read a lot about the pros and cons and I completely respect women that choose either options.  I just knew that breast feeding was my preference though and I really look forward to creating that bond with our little bambino{a}.  I know that it may be very tough and I recognize that it may become frustrating or challenging at times, but there are SO MANY resources around the Pittsburgh area and at Magee, so I feel quite confident that I will take every effort that I can to make it work, if it is medically possible. Cheers to free food (and a built in calorie-burner)!

#7: Daycare? Stay at home mom? In home Nanny? Ugh… so many choices.

Once again… another toughie with a lot more options that I ever realized!  We knew from the start that I wanted to go back to work at least part time {after a 3 month maternity leave}.  It was important to me that I have some time each week to focus on my own personal and professional development. It’s always been really important to my mental health and I know that the only way I can give my fullest to this precious little bubba is if I feel good about my personal situation as well. Danny was supportive and we’ve decided that I’ll go back at 16 hours per week. Added perk: I’ll make enough to pay my student loan payment each month, which was also a personal goal and aspiration. Now for the tricky part… who will care for that Peanut while I am working? Insert super-Nona {I’m telling you, this woman is a God-send}, who generously offered to watch the baby one day a week, despite the fact that she works full-time herself! Now for the 2nd day of the week, which has become a little trickier.  We’ve been considering daycare options but we’d really prefer to have someone come to the house I think. Both Danny and I feel better about that setup and I may even end up working from home while the sitter is there, at least for the sitter’s first few months on the job.  I’ve been checking out Craigslist regularly and spreading the word among all of my grad-school and undergraduate college friends. We’re just praying that whoever ends up caring for Baby Peanut is loving, compassionate, affectionate, and attentive to all three of us. We’ll keep praying that St. Anthony sends someone our way!

That’s only a small sampling of the MANY decisions that we’ve had to make thus far.  I’m so thankful that I have an amazing partner in crime to do all of this with… he sure does make this stuff a lot easier.  Speaking of… how cute is he with these Littlest Pants Ever {what we now refer to as the LPEs}????

Holy little pants! Can a human really be this small???

And how about this uber-sweet Valentines Day present that he bought for Baby Peanut?  No one will ever have to wonder where the magic happened 🙂

Honeymoon Baby!! Or at least we think!

We fully support goods made in St. Lucia!

I’m feeling really good and Baby is moving like crazy!  We have a doctor’s appointment this Wednesday and we’re hoping the doctor can  tell us the baby’s position.  I think Baby is head down, with a Peanut butt in my left rib and feet in my right rib 🙂  We’ll just have to wait and see!

Current Obsessions:  Sweets!  Any and all!  I don’t know what it is, but I’ve had a fierce craving for all things dessert lately.  Thanks for making me some delicious cinnamon rolls this weekend Maria Turc!!

Current Complaints:  Nothing really!  Wow, I rarely say that huh??

Things I’m looking forward to:  The Bachelor and Gossip Girl tonight!!, our appointment on Wednesday, hugging my hubby as soon as I walk in the door.

Happy Valentines Day! 32 weeks

15 Feb

I swore I would be better at updating this, but once again, 5 weeks have gone by and I haven’t posted anything!  Yesterday was Valentines Day and Danny and I had a wonderful evening after work.  We met at NOLA in Market Square for some delicious cajun/creole food and then headed over to Heinz Hall to see Trey Anastasio with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.  The show was really fantastic and we were excited to see the Moschetta cousins and their spouses there too!  Jerry’s wife Mary is also pregnant and we enjoyed comparing bellies. Here is a very blurry view of Trey and the orchestra from our seats:

Trey and the PSO - February 14, 2012

Last weekend was our first baby shower!  Mom, Betsy and Jenny planned this one and it was so sweet.  The theme of the shower was “Celebrate the Peanut” and it was held at Palazzo 1837, a small restaurant located in Washington near the Meadows Race Track. They decorated the room in yellow decor and Mom made banners to hang on the two fireplaces that said “Welcome Baby Baucco”.  The favors were ADORABLE little glass jars of homemade peanut butter with tags that said Celebrate the Peanut.  It was so nice to spend the afternoon with all of the lovely ladies from the Difilippo side of the family and many lovely friends as well.  It started snowing hard that morning, which meant that some of the out-of-towners didn’t make it unfortunately. Mary Anne made it about an hour out of Cleveland and then decided to turn back because of the weather 😦  Some of the York cousins weren’t able to make the drive either!  We missed all of them!!

Adorable invitations for our Pittsburgh baby shower!

Thank you Mama for throwing us a beautiful shower! Baby Peanut can't wait to meet you Nona!

Baby Peanut’s room is really starting to come along!  Dad and Danny painted the walls a beautiful shade of pale gray and installed a new ceiling {because the old one was all bumpy and  ugly}.  Dad {the master crownmolder} also put in gorgeous crown molding around the baby’s room to give it a much more beautiful feel!  Danny then tore out the carpet, which exposed really pretty hard wood floors surprisingly!  We still decided to put new carpet in though, which is a nice fluffy, also gray, shag-type carpet. The furniture also came and we love it.  Dad’s handmade bookshelf put the final touch on the furniture and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  He is so talented!! Moving it in to the house was quite the scene {imagine cussing, removal of door trim, cutting off part of the bottom of the shelf, etc…}, but once it was in, we knew why we went to so much effort to get it there.  It’s going to be the perfect spot to display all of Baby Peanut’s photos, books, and keepsakes.  The only thing left to do is decorate, which we’ve decided not to do until after Baby arrives so that we can go with a more gender specific design {purple, pink and gray for a girl or navy, red, and mustard yellow for a boy}.

Fresh paint and crown molding with exposed hardwood floors!

The new furniture has arrived!

Don't these bookshelves look like something from a furniture store? Thank you so much Dad!! We absolutely LOVE them.

Danny has been the cutest hubby EVER throughout the past few weeks.  Well, I mean, he’s always been cute, but this baby planning stuff just makes his cuteness shine like 100 fold.  He’s been making lists of things to take to the hospital, running to CVS to buy extra toiletries so that we can get a bag packed nice and early,  reminding me to do my stretches every night {he’s especially fond of the “Captain Morgan”}, poking me in the middle of the night when I am sleeping on my back to remind me to get on my side, and being SO supportive as my body changes and I whine and complain more and more.  There is no doubt in my mind that this man is going to be an absolutely amazing father and I can’t wait to start this journey with him. I’m going to upload some pics from the shower of his cute face tonight. Stay tuned!

I’m feeling really good overall!  At my last appointment I had gained 35 pounds so I’m trying to be a little more conscious of what I’m eating. Baby apparently only weighs about 4-4.5 lbs. so I am hanging on to the other 30. Yea, and its totally hot and making my thighs look ginormous.  Baby moves around like crazy now adays and I LOVE it.  It’s not like the kicking of the 2nd trimester though; it’s these big ripples of movement that are so much stronger than I ever imagined.  I sometimes see it out of the corner of my eye as I’m working or watching TV and its truly incredible to imagine that little munchkin in there stretching out or rolling over.  I’m kind of obsessed with it and haven’t decided if I’m actually going to let him or her come out or not.

Reading about sleep at about 28 or 29 weeks... praying that Baby Peanut is a good sleeper!

28ish weeks. Time to go do some prenatal pilates!

29ish weeks at Amizade!

30ish weeks... Namaste!

31 weeks! Celebrating Dad and Hoss's birthdays with dinner at Ruth's Chris and a fun evening of Catch Phrase at Mom and Dad's house!

Not leaving enough to the imagination? The stretch marks arrived at about 32 weeks. Darn you!

Next post is going to be a letter to Baby!  I’ve been thinking about it a lot and its something that I really want to do.  Maybe I’ll even have the Hubs write one too??

Current Obsessions:  Citrus fruit, rainbow sherbet with Nilla wafers, this new show on Showtime called Homeland that Danny and I can’t get enough of, looking at my stretch marks in the mirror, working on our birth plan and thinking about all of the specifics of the delivery, unpacking shower gifts and washing baby clothes!

Current Stressors: Achy side ribs and back {mostly on the right},  not sleeping very well through the night but tossing and turning from side to side, heartburn if I eat too late, worry about delivery {even though I think I pray about it more than I worry about it}.

What I’m Looking Forward To:  Hearing Baby’s heartbeat again at our next appointment in a few weeks {it never gets old!}, relaxing on the couch with Danny tonight while we watch American Idol {which he can’t stand but will put up with because I love it}, our 2nd baby shower in Cleveland on March 4th, family Sunday dinner at Victor and Julia’s this weekend, hanging out with the awesome duo of Nic and Maria at their house this weekend, watching Danny hold this tiny little baby for the first time, and watching my little sister Jenny’s baby bump grow over the next 33 weeks {another post on this forthcoming}!!!

Time is Flying! 27 weeks :)

12 Jan

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I posted anything! SO much has happened. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years… spread out between Pittsburgh and Cleveland with our 2 AMAZING families. We were blessed to have a few days off before Christmas so we headed out to Cleveland to relax with all of the wonderful people there. Christmas Eve was fabulous… Zuppa de Pesce for lunch at Mary Anne’s place, exchanging gifts with Meg and Matt, opening up my awesome new Mac Book Pro from my AMAZING hubs, Christmas Eve mass at the church Danny grew up in, party and family gift exchange with Victor’s side at Aunt Donna and Uncle Rich’s house, and then a late night stop back at Nic and Maria’s for some festive holidays photos in front of the tree, slow dancing to Christmas music, and Chamapagne (Sprite for me :). We spent the night at Mary Anne’s and woke up early so that we could get on the road back to PA.

Christmas Eve at Mary Anne's House!

Christmas Day was very relaxing. We spent the morning eating cookies and drinking coffee with my parents and Jen and Hoss.  Betsy, Brian and Madi came over around 10am and we exchanged gifts between all of the Difilippo’s.  The Moore’s wanted to get on the road to see Brian’s parents so they headed out pretty early and Mom had to be at work at 2pm. It was totally weird preparing Christmas dinner without my Mama there but she ended up surprising us back at home by about 5:00!  It was so great to have her back. Beaner and Summer had dinner with us too… which was awesome… they are seriously the cutest couple ever and I am SO THRILLED that they are getting married.

Self portrait on Christmas Day in my old bedroom!

After dinner we ate homemade hit fudge sundaes and played poker pretty late in to the night. Beaner was the big winner on the poker table! The next day was Madi Ann’s 2nd Birthday Party… all about Elmo!  I’m sad that I didn’t take any photos with my phone, but I’ll upload some here soon.

Getting Ready to go to Madi Ann's Elmo themed 2nd Birthday Party!

A week later, we were back in the car and on our way to Cleveland to celebrate the New Year. We’ve been celebrating there for at least the last 3 or 4 years… now I’m starting to think it is good luck!  We’ve been blessed with such an amazing half a decade. This year’s New Year’s Eve bash was hosted by Nic and Maria at their house. There were 3 preggo ladies there and 2 other pregnant ladies that are usually there but couldn’t make it this year!  Next year there are going to be a lot of little babies around, and I can’t wait.  The night was a blast and the girls spent most of the evening inside chatting and eating all of the wonderful snacks and food that people had brought over.  The boys (as usual) spent the evening out in the garage playing cornhole and washers and listening to music (alongside the keg of Great Lakes Christmas Ale).

Preggo chicks! Megan and Rick Valore are due about a month after Danny and I.

Happy New Year Summer and Beans!! 2012 is going to be full of wedding planning for you two! XOXO

Celebrating 2012 with sparking grape juice and the love of my life!

Awe, I love the both so much! Danny and Zac Brown

Once the rush of the holidays was over, it was time to focus on cleaning up the house and getting things in order for Baby B. We decided a few weeks ago that we wanted to make some improvements in our bathroom and we are so thrilled with how it came out. As of this morning, we now have a freshly refinished tub, newly grouted shower tile, a new vanity, sparkly white subway tile on the floor, a new toilet topper and medicine cabinet, and a fan that actually works!!  Oh and we pulled down all of the bead board and painted the walls a fresh blue/gray color called Montepilier from Benjamin Moore. Overall, the bathroom came out great and we are so excited to have a new clean space to bathe and care for our Peanut.

Pretty new paint and cabinets!

Another shot... love the colors together!

Bare Belly Shot! Notice how all of our bathroom supplies were laid out in the guest bedroom. Thank goodness everything is back where it belongs now!

That pretty much brings us up to the present!  I had to have some blood work down about 2 weeks ago… just the routine gestational diabetes screening.  Unfortunately, the numbers came back a little high (145 and they need to be 135) so I had to go back and have the 3 hour fasting glucose tolerance test done. Definitely NOT FUN. But the great news is that I do not have gestational diabetes!!!!  I was so relieved and happy and I continue to pray that Baby Peanut stays healthy in there. Only 12 more weeks left!

Current Obsessions:  Pinning photos on Pinterest for the Baby’s nursery, adding new things to our baby registry and researching all of the best products, reading about how to get your baby to be a good sleeper, applying lotion to my growing belly (and boobs!!), imagining what Baby is doing in there when I get kicked over and over, practicing my Kegels 🙂

What I’m Nervous About: Having to be induced, not being able to deal with the pain naturally, not having read enough about what to expect those first few weeks after the baby is born, that we’ll have a super fussy baby (No! No! No! The power of positive thinking), that first day when Danny goes back to work and I’m home alone with Peanut 😦

Current Food Cravings: FRUIT! mostly citrus (clementines and grapefruits), sweets (much more so than the first 2 trimesters), still loving soup and eat it almost every day for lunch!

23 Weeks: Remodeling and Preparing for the Holidays!

13 Dec

Baby Peanut is now 23 weeks along in there and growing stronger every day.  I can feel it with every kick and punch!  The movements have increased significantly over the last few weeks and I absolutely love every moment that it happens.  Sometimes I literally laugh out loud!  Danny has yet to feel it from the outside but I have no doubt that he will feel it really soon.

My belly is really growing and I’m still concerned about my weight gain of course.  The Dr. says I’m right in the healthy range but I feel huge and keep comparing myself to other girls who are around the same number of weeks along as I am.  Here is a picture that I took today in the office to show you how big the bump really is getting!

The Belly is growing! 23 weeks and 4 days.

Since my last post, a lot has happened in our household.  We went shopping and picked out all of Baby’s furniture.  We settled on a beautiful white crib and dresser and a glider and ottoman upholstered with  a burlap-looking fabric.  We decided that we’ll paint the walls a pale gray and install new dark-gray carpet. This way things will stay neutral until Baby arrives.  Then I hope to add some fun curtains and accessories to add pops of color!  I’m going to post again today or tomorrow with some inspiration photos 🙂

"Hold this Baby and pretend like you're rocking him to sleep hun!"

Testing out gliders at Sheely's in Lima, OH

We also started remodeling our bathroom upstairs.  The tub and tile in the shower were in pretty bad shape, so we took Dad up on his offer to help us clean it up.  It turns out that we’ve turned this project in to an all-out remodel though.  We ordered a new vanity, counter top, medicine cabinet, and toilet topper.  We also bought new tile (white subway for the floor – can’t wait to see how it comes out!).   We’re still deciding on paint colors but I’m so excited to have a nice, fresh, clean place to bathe the mini-human.

Christmas is quickly approaching and I’ve been running around picking up gifts for the past few weeks!  I broke down and bought some beautiful letterpress holiday cards so I’ll probably start writing those out today. This weekend is Donnie & Todd’s Christmas party at D&T Tees and then baking with my Mama on Saturday!  I love this time of year and enjoy every moment to soak it all up with Danny.  He’s the sweetest man in the world and makes this time of year so special.  Tonight we have Baby Boot Camp at Magee Women’s Hospital from 6:30 to 9:30.  I hope it gives us some direction because we literally have no idea what we’ve gotten ourselves in to!!!

Random bathroom self-portrait at approximately 22.5 weeks.

We Are! Penn State onsie that St. Nicholas put in Baby's shoe!

Things I’m thankful for:  The bag of Reese’s cups sitting on my desk that Danny won at the Amizade white elephant gift exchange and donated to the office.

Things I’m looking forward to:  Decorating Baby’s room, the arrival of the gorgeous new crib and dresser in 8-12 weeks (boooo), Going to see Trey Anastasio with the Pittsburgh Symphony in February with the Love of my life, holiday baking this weekend, my second prenatal massage this coming Sunday, cuddle time with Danny when we finally get home after this LONG day!